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Question About Wellbutrin?

Question by ann_non_a_miss: Question about Wellbutrin?
I was taking Wellbutrin for a little over a week and I did not notice it working. I was becoming increasingly more depressed to the point I was thinking about suicide. Today I was reading the pamphlet and it mentioned that the drug can cause suicidal thoughts and to stop taking it. Needless to say I am going to discontinue use. My question is, whay would this happen? If the drug is supposed to make depression go away, why would it make mine worse??? Does anyone know a good antidepressants I can try? Preferably one that also relieves anxiety and compulsive urges?

I Need Some Recent, Reliable Statistics; Care to Help?

Question by Amethyst: I need some recent, reliable statistics; care to help?
I would very much like these statistics from reliable, recent sources:
What percentage of drug abusers become addicted
What percentage of teenagers use illegal (NOT prescription) drugs
What amount of money the U.S. has spent on the war on drugs so far this year.
How many arrests out of 1000 (or 100 or 10; doesn’t really matter just out of a number) are drug-related i.e. possession, use, selling
How many people each year die from tobacco
How many people each year die from alcohol poisoning
How many people each year die from alcohol-induced car accidents
What percentage of illegal drug addicts relapse after admitting themselves to treatment
What percentage of convicts in prison on drug-related charges were addicted to drugs at the time of the crime
Please include all of your sources. These statistics should be at least as recent as 2005, and if possible more recent than that. Thank you to anyone who answers.
I have googled these to no end! If you are not going to give me the actual statistics, please don’t answer!

Child Care Position…………..?

Question by Angel0fDarkness: Child Care position…………..?
so i will soon be starting a child care position. what are some things to have on hand to appear professional and serious?

Best answer:

Answer by frockney
Yes, learn all about adoption from these sites:

Adopted ‘children’ are disproportionately represented with learning disabilities and organic brain syndrome. (Schecter and Genetic Behaviors)

Mental health professionals are surprised at the alarmingly high number of their patients who are adopted. Studies show an average of 25 to 35% of the young people in residential treatment centers are adoptees. This is 17 times the norm. (Lifton, BIRCO–Pannor and Lawrence)

Alcohol and Drugs?

Question by je: Alcohol and Drugs?
I was just wondering what everyones views are about teaching the dangers of Drug and Alcohol abuse in Islamic culture.
Do you feel that the Masjid offers enough information for youths about drugs and how they look(especially in countries where drug use is prevalent)?
Do you feel Islamic Communities offer adequate treatment programs?
Do you feel enough is being done to discourage the use of drugs? Such as education?

Teenagers Abuse of Drugs?

Question by Michael S: teenagers abuse of drugs?
I am doing a descriptive essay on teenagers abuse on drugs and was wondering if anyone has any facts or websites with shocking information with teens doing drugs. Wheather it deals with sex or soemthing like that. Thanks in advance.
thank you.. anyone else….
nice nice.. anyone else?

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Answer by softaiil952000
Look up the TV show called INTERVENTION it is the best show and the best real advice out there. It follows real people and their struggle with drugs and alcohol, it is amazing and the web site has great information

Can Some One Give Me an Internet Site?

Question by ilovemyjohny: can some one give me an internet site?
does anyone have or know of a web site that can give me a link to the symptoms of drug/substance abuse?
things are getting really strange where i live. the person we hired to help up is constantly ‘reved” up. cannot concentrate been caught in lies. and knows too much about the reasons of people getting kicked out of a detox including the vets’ the biggest problem is we are concerned with helping veterans to recover from things ( unspecified). this detox takes in not only vets. but those who have been civilian, it’s a detox.for both vets. and civilians.
the ( the man we now deal with ) is more concerned with getting paid under the table. than to file a tax form ? my concern is
1 how can we see signs of drug abuse/alochol
2. how can we do this and not offend him.
3 how can we find any proof if he hasn’t showed his dd14 discharge to us as of yet.
man we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
we don’t know if we could get any Information from the detox he’s in.( anonymous)
hello, thanks, if you don’t mind i’ve put you into my contact list.
i’m not being paranoid, being trained by community poicing, i’ve had my life threanted three times the forth one ended with more than an thrat, i was almost killed.
hamds are tied, too much to loose, is i let my husband know too much he will be a target also.