Drug Rehab Information – Please Help?

Question by totalstressor: information – please help?
A family member needs to go to a “live in” drug rehab, preferably in Florida. Due to these drugs, he lost his business, money, car, etc… The court said if he goes to rehab he won’t go to jail. The problem: My family cannot afford to send him to a private rehab. Any suggestions or resources that I might look at. This family member could even barter his fee. He is a licensed contractor in the state of Florida and has built and remodeled for some very wealthy and famous people.

My fear is if they let him out he will go right back to it. Thanks

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Answer by Jerry garcia
Contact a few of the facilities and find out from them. Some facilities offer counseling for a reduced price if the patient is in desperate need.

If this person is in an inpatient program they are not allowed to do anything outside of the facility for many weeks.

Just check some out first hand they will be able to offer you more information.

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  • accomacgeo says:

    first he has to make his mind up how bad does he want a sober life he should so he can see his mistakes and want to turn his life into something productful

  • bblbb647 says:

    did he ask the court for suggestions? there is usually a long wait to get in the free ones. start calling and asking for advice . ask the judge if he can help him. if he can’t get in right away. they will give him outpatient treatment until a bed opens up. call Catholic charities, they are pretty good about this and will not force religion on you. but if he doesn’t want to quit, don’t waste your time . let him go to jail.

  • William H says:

    I am a recovering addict who is 46, college educated, used for 35 years. The only thing that has ever helped, that is helping is Narcotics Anonymous. I also am facing a long-term jail sentence as a result of actions stemming from my coke/heroin addiction. N/A is free but you cannot force someone to stop using unless they want to. I came to NA 120 days ago and the program is amazing. There is only one promise from N/A, if you follow the program, YOU WILL NOT USE AGAIN. I have met more people with sustained clean-time in this program than any other. It is addicts helping addicts, you cannot bullshit anyone in these meetings, as bad as your addiction has been, we’ve all been in the same place, but it takes the desire of the person to stay clean. Your friend/family member has to realize that the addiction will NEVER go away, but you can stop using by staying clean one day at a time. I recently attended meetings in LA, I met people who got clean off of skid-row, life-long heroin addicts, if you can get clean from skid-row with N/A, it works. Please, at least have them attend a meeting, it costs nothing, self-supporting. It has saved my life and because I can stay clean one more day. It is a miracle. Look up Narcotics Anonymous on the web, each city in the country has a listing of meeting times and places, please go, please, no more death from drugs, I’m begging you.

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