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As a Youth, How Would You Solve a This Problem? (Please Refer to the Problem below..I Need an Opinion…please?

Question by reiya masaru: As a youth, how would you solve a this problem? (please refer to the problem below..I need an opinion…please?
Statistics revealed that the rising rate of criminal violence in the country (Philippines) today is attributed to the problem on .

please…I really need answer

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Answer by Linds
Well that may be one reason why crime is rising. What about the fact of broken homes, and that it has been proven that the children are more likely to go on and do criminal acts.

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How to Overcome My Addiction to Online Porn?

Question by : How to overcome my addiction to online porn?
I know of rehabs where a person can go to detox from drugs and alcohol abuse/adddiction. Where can I go to get help with my onlne porn addiction? It’s ruining me! I should study for a college exam and hold down a job but I quit my job to look at porn (my mom pays my way and lets me live in her attic) and now I want to go to porn sites and look at barely legal girls instead of doing anything else. How do I get help?!?!?! Also, will my mom’s insurance pay for me to get better?

I Need to Know How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Mapleton, Maine. How?

Question by aurelia iw: I need to know how to find addiction in Mapleton, Maine. How?
I have a friend who really idolized someone whom she found out was a heroin addict. That’s when she started to wonder what it’s like to be doing heroin. She tried it and got herself addicted. I really want to help her get through this. I already talked to her parents and they told me that they need help in finding addiction treatment centers.

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How to Get Over Sex Addiction?

Question by Benji: How to get over sex addiction?
I’m addicting to having sex. I feel like I need it. It isn’t my only addiction, but it’s the biggest problem at the moment. How can I solve this.
you’re so welcome, hookkkkaaaahhhh

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Answer by Brailyn Busby
do not look at porn or think about it or anything.. by the way thx for you’re comment on my question…. HOOKER!!!!!

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Are You Not Aware That Obama Wrote About His Crack Addiction?

Question by susanmarie: Are you not aware that Obama wrote about his crack addiction?
in his book?

All of you who said the poster of the crack question is lying need to get to know your candidate. At least, read the books he has written about himself!

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Answer by Star3143
Who cares? We all make mistakes! Besides, he’s done more with his life than you’ll probably ever do!

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What Can Be Done About Prescription Drug Abuse in America?

Question by sticking to faith: what can be done about abuse in america?
just a broad question to get various answers please dont be rude or crude

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Answer by ajtheactress
One thing that I think would have a huge impact is if prescription drug companies where no longer allowed to advertise their products in magazines and newspapers. People see an ad and think “oh, maybe I need that drug!” and hound their doctor into giving it to them. Advertising makes people think that using a drug or product is normal and desirable which is something that directly leads to prescription drug abuse.