Is There Online Help for Drug/alcohol Abuse?

Question by Emily: Is there online help for drug/alcohol abuse?
Are there any websites a person can go to for ONLINE HELP for drug and/or alcohol addiction? SWIM wants to try rehab, but he wants to try it online. Do you know of any websites that he can go to that will help him via online? Thanks.

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Answer by neemo
There are number of organizations which provide free online/toll-free phone help for drug or alcohol problems. Some depend on where you live, but if you’re just going to use online instead of phone, then it might not matter where you live except under certain circumstances. I had a list of the better known organizations, but I do not have access to it at the moment, so these are some websites I’ve found through Google:

Talking to Samaritans ( but there other sites for other countries as well) may also help.

I’m not sure if rehab is possible online, though… but talking to someone can help. People who offer these services will most likely know what is best and will offer any help they can in recovery, etc. Good luck.

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