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How to Overcome My Addiction to Online Porn?

Question by : How to overcome my addiction to online porn?
I know of rehabs where a person can go to detox from drugs and alcohol abuse/adddiction. Where can I go to get help with my onlne porn addiction? It’s ruining me! I should study for a college exam and hold down a job but I quit my job to look at porn (my mom pays my way and lets me live in her attic) and now I want to go to porn sites and look at barely legal girls instead of doing anything else. How do I get help?!?!?! Also, will my mom’s insurance pay for me to get better?

Is There Online Help for Drug/alcohol Abuse?

Question by Emily: Is there online help for drug/alcohol abuse?
Are there any websites a person can go to for ONLINE HELP for drug and/or alcohol addiction? SWIM wants to try rehab, but he wants to try it online. Do you know of any websites that he can go to that will help him via online? Thanks.

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Answer by neemo
There are number of organizations which provide free online/toll-free phone help for drug or alcohol problems. Some depend on where you live, but if you’re just going to use online instead of phone, then it might not matter where you live except under certain circumstances. I had a list of the better known organizations, but I do not have access to it at the moment, so these are some websites I’ve found through Google:

The Most Successful Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse?

Question by : the most successful treatment program for alcohol abuse and drug abuse?

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Answer by Sarah
Rehab or therapy

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Second Marijuana Offense in Maryland?

Question by : Second Marijuana Offense in Maryland?
In June of 2008 I was pulled over and my car was searched and marijuana was found. I never received a court date. In November of 2008 I received a DUI with possession of marijuana. For that I was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 2 years of supervised probation. It is now May 2009 and I have just received a court summons for possession in June 2008. Since my DUI I have completed a 26-week drug and alcohol abuse program and have never had a dirty urinalysis for my probation officer. Since this is my second offense, yet I have completed a drug and alcohol abuse program and abstained from drug use for probation, what do you think the outcome of my trial will be?
I know I am guilty and will most likely plead guilty, but what could my sentence be?
My first offense was for 1.5 grams and my second is for .5 grams.

Are There Any Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Cocaine Abuse?

Question by emily: Are there any drug rehabilitation centers for cocaine abuse?
I’m just wondering if there are drug rehabilitations or programs that specializes in cocaine treatment because my cousin is addicted to cocaine. I’m really getting worried about him.

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Answer by tonalc1
All rehab centers will deal with cocaine abuse (unless they specifically say otherwise).

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Any Websites for Teens Who Deal With Parents Who Have Drug Addictions and Alcohol Abuse?

Question by lizz: Any websites for teens who deal with parents who have drug addictions and alcohol abuse?
Just looking for something to relate to.

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Answer by Richard
Try looking at ala-teen or ala-non,put them into google and a site will come up. It’s a horrible thing to have to see, a parent being affected by drugs or alcohol. there is support out there, remember two things, it is the drugs and alcohol that drive their actions and you cannot fix them or help them unless they want to help themselves. You need to find support for you and live your life for you.These organizations may be able to help.