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I Have to Find Drug Rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?

Question by anahi da: I have to find drug rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?
I was surprised to find out that one of my friends, who has just recently moved there, is now a heroin addict. I found out about this because a common friend of ours (who lives with her) told me about it and asked for my help. I think we’d better get her treated. How will I find a rehab there, though?

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How Do Get Custody of My Granddaughter From Her Drug Using Parents?

Question by : how do get custody of my granddaughter from her drug using parents?
The childs mother is in rehab and the baby has been living with me then my daughter then back to her mother again she has messed up 5times now and the social workers keep removing my granddaughter each time its not fare to pass the baby about i want to put in for permanent care as the parents have no intention of giving up drugs

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Answer by Pearl L
talk to a lawyer about it

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Does Someone Know a Good Rehab for Alcohol and Drugs in South Florida?

Question by : Does someone know a good rehab for alcohol and drugs in ?

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Answer by Angellover7880
My friends sister went to this one. She says it’s real good.

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Good Inpatient Rehab Centers??

Question by dalmatianguy2002: Good inpatient rehab centers??
I have a friend who has agreed to enter rehab for a long battle with alcohol, the only problem is deciding what kind of program to go to. He has tried AA several times and an outpatient facility here in MO with little success. He does not want to go to a AA or 12 step based program. I have found many such as Passages in Malibu, CA, and others as well that offer what’s called a “holistic” approach. Does anyone have any advice and know if these sort of places can work??

Drug Rehab Information – Please Help?

Question by totalstressor: information – please help?
A family member needs to go to a “live in” drug rehab, preferably in Florida. Due to these drugs, he lost his business, money, car, etc… The court said if he goes to rehab he won’t go to jail. The problem: My family cannot afford to send him to a private rehab. Any suggestions or resources that I might look at. This family member could even barter his fee. He is a licensed contractor in the state of Florida and has built and remodeled for some very wealthy and famous people.

Residential Hospital in Michigan to Help Meth Users Without Health Insurance Quit?

Question by John M: Residential hospital in Michigan to help meth users without health insurance quit?
My daughter, who’s 18, has fallen in with some meth users. She told me she tried it once but I think she’s using it regularly. She barely sleeps or eats, and she seems to have lost interest in grooming, school, etc. I have no power to keep her away from that crowd. She has no health insurance because she dropped out of college. Does anybody know if Michigan has a state-supported residential hospital for young adults where she can get treatment and be away from meth users? I don’t know how to remove her from the environment she is in, and I think that’s her only hope.