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I Have to Find Drug Rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?

Question by anahi da: I have to find drug rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?
I was surprised to find out that one of my friends, who has just recently moved there, is now a heroin addict. I found out about this because a common friend of ours (who lives with her) told me about it and asked for my help. I think we’d better get her treated. How will I find a rehab there, though?

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Is There Online Help for Drug/alcohol Abuse?

Question by Emily: Is there online help for drug/alcohol abuse?
Are there any websites a person can go to for ONLINE HELP for drug and/or alcohol addiction? SWIM wants to try rehab, but he wants to try it online. Do you know of any websites that he can go to that will help him via online? Thanks.

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Answer by neemo
There are number of organizations which provide free online/toll-free phone help for drug or alcohol problems. Some depend on where you live, but if you’re just going to use online instead of phone, then it might not matter where you live except under certain circumstances. I had a list of the better known organizations, but I do not have access to it at the moment, so these are some websites I’ve found through Google:

Drug Rehab Information – Please Help?

Question by totalstressor: Drug Rehab information – please help?
A family member needs to go to a “live in” drug rehab, preferably in Florida. Due to these drugs, he lost his business, money, car, etc… The court said if he goes to rehab he won’t go to jail. The problem: My family cannot afford to send him to a private rehab. Any suggestions or resources that I might look at. This family member could even barter his fee. He is a licensed contractor in the state of Florida and has built and remodeled for some very wealthy and famous people.

Child Support in California Under the Table Jobs?

Question by *: child support in California under the table jobs?
In a California child support situation where the mother has custody and the father is to pay child support but works under the table….how does that work? He could claim he is older, sick/hurt, out of work because of the economy, and is not working. In this case I know he is and spends his money drinking, doing meth, and setting up drug deals for extra cash. Is the system so broke that he will get away with not taking care of his responsibilities?
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Divorce While Pregnant?

Question by Sylas: Divorce while pregnant?
First off I live in the state of Kentucky and I’ve heard the courts will not approve a divorce when you are pregnant. Now for a little more detail, I have been legally separated from my husband since March of 2010 in which time he has been in and out of jail and rehab. He was sent back to jail in September for drugs yet again and has been in there ever since and about to be transferred to prison. I just found out the other day that I’m pregnant by my fiance. We are just a little over a month pregnant. My question is with him being in jail since Sept and if I can get the doctor to make a statement saying how far along am I able to get around this issue?

Do Any of You Know All of Lindsay Lohan’s Crimes?? 10 Points if U Know!?

Question by : do any of you know all of Lindsay Lohan’s crimes?? 10 points if u know!?

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Answer by Ibrahim
Dec. 12, 2006: Lindsay tells People she’s been in AA for a year and hasn’t had a drink in a week.

January 17, 2007: checks into drug rehab for the first time.

February 16, 2007: checks out of rehab, immediately goes to a bar until 4am.

March 6, 2007: is taped using cocaine in the bathroom of a London club.

March 16, 2007: parties and drinks champagne at a club in New York. She’s still underage at this point.