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MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa Marijuana?

Question by selina [vegan] [OBAMA<3]: MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa marijuana?
can you help edit my essay about mary jane?
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There are many unjust charges being made for drug arrests, specifically for marijuana. There are major subjects that should be brought up, some include, taxes, overcrowded prisons, drug wars, and the charges that vary from state to states. In my opinion, some drug charges should be lowered to a more reasonable sentence.

Will SSI Pay for Drug Rehab?

Question by : Will SSI pay for drug rehab?
My father is disabled from health problems. He receives SSI as a result, which does not really cover his monthly living expenses. He is somewhat independent, but as a result of the injury, the government has placed me as his representative payee, meaning I have control of his finances. I do not, however, have control of his medical, or anything of that sort. He has become addicted to his prescription pain pills, and I am trying to figure out how to get him help.

Are There Any Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Cocaine Abuse?

Question by emily: Are there any drug rehabilitation centers for cocaine abuse?
I’m just wondering if there are drug rehabilitations or programs that specializes in cocaine treatment because my cousin is addicted to cocaine. I’m really getting worried about him.

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Answer by tonalc1
All rehab centers will deal with cocaine abuse (unless they specifically say otherwise).

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Are There Drug Rehabs in Windom, Maine That Administer Buprenorphine Instead of Methadone?

Question by caitlin lb: Are there drug rehabs in Windom, Maine that administer buprenorphine instead of methadone?
My mom has heard of buprenorphine and it seems as if this is more appealing than methadone when it comes to the treatment of heroin addiction. My dad has gotten himself addicted to heroin and we really need to put him in a drug rehab. This has got to happen soon because my mom, as well as my siblings, are really having a hard time. It hurts us so much to see our dad suffer like this.

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Does Anyone Know What Happened to Whitney Houston?and Where Is Her Daughter?

Question by lovinisright: does anyone know what happened to Whitney Houston?and where is her daughter?
the last thing i heard was about the drug rehab. she walked out of two years ago!

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Answer by Nancy Kay
She is currently working hard with producer Clive Davis on a musical comeback and has just recently filed for divorce from Bobby Brown (although some folks think that she’s just trying to scare him into straightening up his act). No mention was made of her daughter.

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Are There Really More Teens in Drug Rehabs Than Adults?

Question by abbie t: Are there really more teens in drug rehabs than adults?
I know someone who has just gotten out of inpatient rehabilitation and he told me that there are a lot of other teens spending their time there. This just piqued my curiosity.

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