Are There Drug Rehabs in Windom, Maine That Administer Buprenorphine Instead of Methadone?

Question by caitlin lb: Are there drug rehabs in Windom, Maine that administer buprenorphine instead of methadone?
My mom has heard of buprenorphine and it seems as if this is more appealing than methadone when it comes to the treatment of heroin addiction. My dad has gotten himself addicted to heroin and we really need to put him in a drug rehab. This has got to happen soon because my mom, as well as my siblings, are really having a hard time. It hurts us so much to see our dad suffer like this.

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Answer by cailey n
The links that I have included below will be able to help you find the people who are registered to administer buprenorphine treatment. It would probably be best, though, to consult a doctor first. This way, you will be sure that your father will be getting the best treatment possible for him. I really hope that he gets to be treated soon. This is so tough, and it’s a good thing that you guys are very understanding. Your support and encouragement will really make a difference, believe me. So just hang in there, and I hope everything will turn out all right soon.

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