For Those Using “Recreational Drugs”?

Question by muttlover: For those using “recreational drugs”?
I don’t care if stars do it. I don’t care if your friends do it. I don’t care if you think you can handle it. I have just left the funeral of my 23 year old niece. She was an absolutely gorgeous girl with blonde blonde hair and huge dark blue eyes. She was the baby of the family. She was a “mama’s girl” – very very close to her mother. When she was 15 she started experimenting with drugs. Her father had been a drug user in his youth but had managed to break free. He and her mother warned her repeatedly what she was doing, the dangers she was facing. They went in debt to send her to rehab. They flushed every drug they could find. Eventually they used up all of their money on paying fees and bonds when she could not hold down jobs. Finally they realized that she would never be willing to recover until she hit bottom. She flunked out of school. She never finished high school. She began to finance her habit by stealing her folk’s car and driving to Chicago on drug runs.
She used her beauty to get boyfriends to support her – often very abusive boyfriends. She stole from everyone. When she was coming for a visit we learned to hide all of our valuables. She lied and manipulated and used people. When she went through rehab, for a few months we’d have the old Brandy – the girl who wanted to be a nurse, who loved butterflies and pitbulls, who was kind and generous and good. But the drugs would call her back. And we’d have the hallucinating, manipulative, violent stranger again. Always she planned to quit eventually. She took her most treasured possessions to her mother’s house and asked her to hide them so she wouldn’t hock them. On Thursday she walked out on Rehab. On Saturday she was dead of an overdose. Please please don’t start. You cannot imagine the grief of her family. Her father is broken to pieces. Even her kitten, who stayed by her side those 5 hours till she was found, can not recover. Please don’t let this happen to your family. I’m begging.

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Answer by effin drunk
Yeah, so? People fall out for all sorts of reasons. What kind of drugs was she on?

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