Are There Really More Teens in Drug Rehabs Than Adults?

Question by abbie t: Are there really more teens in drug rehabs than adults?
I know someone who has just gotten out of inpatient rehabilitation and he told me that there are a lot of other teens spending their time there. This just piqued my curiosity.

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Answer by carli h
I don’t really know if that information bodes true for every other drug rehab center out there. However, I do have a theory as to why that is so. I think the reason why there were more teens spending their time in the rehab your friend has been to is the fact that teens are more prone to drug addiction. Pressure from their peers play a very important role with regard to whether a teen will start taking drugs or not. Those who do not do drugs during their teenage years are also a lot less likely to start doing drugs when they turn into adults.

Research has also shown that every day, approximately 4,800 Americans younger than 18 try marijuana for the first time. This is why the government, as well as other organizations, go to great lengths trying to prevent teenagers from doing drugs.

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