MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa Marijuana?

Question by selina [vegan] [OBAMA<3]: MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa marijuana?
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There are many unjust charges being made for drug arrests, specifically for marijuana. There are major subjects that should be brought up, some include, taxes, overcrowded prisons, drug wars, and the charges that vary from state to states. In my opinion, some drug charges should be lowered to a more reasonable sentence.

Taxes are a problem when it comes to drugs. If someone gets arrested and ends up going to jail, the public has to pay taxes to feed and clothe that person while they are in jail. It doesn’t seem fair if someone got arrested with marijuana and went to jail and the public pays taxes towards that. It costs taxpayers $ 30,000 per year to imprison just one non-violent drug offender. Politicians are spending billions of tax dollars to build new prisons and jails so more non-violent drug offenders can be held. This is all taking place while funding for schools and other services are starving for money.

Overcrowded prisons serve as another problem. Since a lot of prison are already overcrowded, why would you send someone who has done a minor crime to jail? That would just make the whole situation worse. Instead the charges should be lowered to a fine, probation, or public service of some sort, so then there would be less people in prison. The fine could even be put towards the clothes and food of the people who are in jail for a good reason.

The charges in some states are outrageous. In each state the charges for an arrest for possession of marijuana are different. Some states are more lenient then others. In New Jersey, for instance, the charge is zero to six months in prison, a one thousand dollar bail, and suspension of driver’s license for six months to two years. Some states that you only are fined are California, Colorado, Main, and Minnesota. However, not all states are that easy. Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri will give a sentence up to one year in prison. Massachusetts only gives probation.

Making some drugs illegal also causes some negative effects. When people buy drugs illegally, the price is higher than legal drugs because of it’s rarity. It is also more valuable because of it being prohibited. This causes wars to brake out between people wanting the drugs, but not wanting to pay the price. Numerous deaths have taken place because of drugs being contraband. There is no known fact that marijuana causes real harm, so there is no real reason to make it illegal. In fact, prohibition of marijuana is the number one cause of America’s exploding prison population. Many non-violent drug offenders are now serving longer prison sentences than murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals.

The penalties for drugs are very unfair, in my opinion. I believe that it should be more lenient and that the hard-earned tax payer’s money could go to better causes. There are more serious crimes that should be looked into more carefully because a lot of the time, crimes are passed off as drug related, when they are not. I believe that drugs are an excuse to put people into jail when, honestly it does not hurt anyone. I feel that there is a lot of unfairness in the various penalties for drug offenses that exist today. 
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Recently, narcotics officers raided the house of a suspected marijuana dealer in Wisconsin. The unarmed suspect, who offered no resistance, was shot to death in front of his 7-year-old son. His crime? Possession of 1 ounce of marijuana. In Oklahoma, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who used medicinal marijuana to control muscle spasms caused by his broken back was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His crime? Possession of 2 ounces of marijuana. Another Oklahoma man is serving 75 years in prison for growing only 5 marijuana plants. (These are not misprints.)
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Answer by Veterans Do It Better
How about we make prisons hell on earth?

That might make some people think twice before choosing drugs.

edit: Yeah I read the essay, you think we should ease up on prison sentences for drug abusers due to the tax payers burden.

I’m just looking at it from a different point of view. I believe drugs are terrible, including marijuana, and if you get caught you should be massively punished, period.

You think you would get many repeat offenders?

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