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I Need to Know How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Mapleton, Maine. How?

Question by aurelia iw: I need to know how to find addiction treatment centers in Mapleton, Maine. How?
I have a friend who really idolized someone whom she found out was a heroin addict. That’s when she started to wonder what it’s like to be doing heroin. She tried it and got herself addicted. I really want to help her get through this. I already talked to her parents and they told me that they need help in finding addiction treatment centers.

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Why Is Salvia Legal and Marijuana Is Not?

Question by Shalylla: why is salvia legal and marijuana is not?
I recently tried salvia and it was not what i was expecting. I was really gone.. I mean it was scary. I just wanted to be sober and i just kept thinking ” I’m the couch.. I literally WAS the couch, with a head.” I didn’t want to move because i thought i was the couch and couches DON’T MOVE! lol.. wow.. Also i thought i was going to fall off a huge cliff if i moved even one centimeter. it was not cool. and i will never do that again! so why is salvia legal.. I cant even believe pot is illegal after what i experienced with salvia. salvia makes pot look like child splay in comparison.. What gives.?

Bay Area Alcohol in-Patient Rehab Options?

Question by mikeyb: Bay Area Alcohol In-Patient Rehab Options?
Hi Folks. I need your help. My sister is an alcoholic and my family and I feel it would be best for her to commit to an in-patient rehab program. She’s already gone to AA meetings and has multiple DUIs. The problem is that we’re on a very tight budget as it is so it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to afford to pay for this. Are there any non-profit in-patient rehab programs in California (particularly bay area / monterey county)? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

A First: NBA's Big Three Miss Playoffs in Same Year

A first: NBA's big three miss playoffs in same year

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The NBA suspended guard J.R. Smith for the first five games of the season for violating the league's anti-drug policy and days before training camp open, the team reassigned general manager Glen Grunwald and replaced him with Steve Mills. And it just …
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My BIL’s EX Wife Is Pregnant and Doing Meth, I Was Just Curious as to What That Does to the Poor Baby….?

Question by Megs: My BIL’s EX wife is pregnant and doing meth, I was just curious as to what that does to the poor baby….?
BIL is brother in law BTW, He has left her FINALLY. The woman cheated on him a numerous of times and was impregnanted by a degenerate, another meth head. Sad but true, she has three children she has abandoned already, one of them my niece. Luckily all three are with their loving fathers. She was supposed to get an abortion but decided not to. I am against abortion but the hell that this unborn child has already gone through, I will be surprised if it lives to birth. I was curious as to what meth does to an unborn child, I cant even imagine the health problems that poor child is going to have.

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Invests Millions of Dollars in Access to Health

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Invests Millions of Dollars in Access to Health

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Centre Volunteers in Medicine (State College, PA) — Cherry Street Health Services (Grand Rapids, MI) — Faith Family Clinic (San Antonio, TX) — Project Vida Health Center (El Paso, TX) — Queens Care Health Centers (Los Angeles, CA) — St. Thomas …
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