Why Is Salvia Legal and Marijuana Is Not?

Question by Shalylla: why is salvia legal and marijuana is not?
I recently tried salvia and it was not what i was expecting. I was really gone.. I mean it was scary. I just wanted to be sober and i just kept thinking ” I’m the couch.. I literally WAS the couch, with a head.” I didn’t want to move because i thought i was the couch and couches DON’T MOVE! lol.. wow.. Also i thought i was going to fall off a huge cliff if i moved even one centimeter. it was not cool. and i will never do that again! so why is salvia legal.. I cant even believe pot is illegal after what i experienced with salvia. salvia makes pot look like child splay in comparison.. What gives.?

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Answer by gumpus77
Because The Feds havent gotten around to making it illegal, it was never a big thing in the USA, now its growing huge because its SO cheap, plus it only lasts like 5 min.

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2 Responses to Why Is Salvia Legal and Marijuana Is Not?

  • Mack says:

    Salvia isint well known at all, Even to those that make the laws

    Oh, and many companies will go out of business if hemp is made legal.

  • taz103066 says:

    because the beaurocrats find it hard to believe anyone would smoke a chia pet~

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