My BIL’s EX Wife Is Pregnant and Doing Meth, I Was Just Curious as to What That Does to the Poor Baby….?

Question by Megs: My BIL’s EX wife is pregnant and doing meth, I was just curious as to what that does to the poor baby….?
BIL is brother in law BTW, He has left her FINALLY. The woman cheated on him a numerous of times and was impregnanted by a degenerate, another meth head. Sad but true, she has three children she has abandoned already, one of them my niece. Luckily all three are with their loving fathers. She was supposed to get an abortion but decided not to. I am against abortion but the hell that this unborn child has already gone through, I will be surprised if it lives to birth. I was curious as to what meth does to an unborn child, I cant even imagine the health problems that poor child is going to have.

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Answer by ?Riyen’s Mom & Ayah due 4.12
I’m from Oklahoma and last year there was this HUGE case where the mother gave birth to a stillborn baby and the cause of death was determined as meth. They put the mom in prison for LIFE. It isn’t a joke, meth can kill a baby and if I were you I’d take serious action to get her help, even if that means calling DHS. They’ll give her a drug test and hopefully put her in rehab or JAIL her to ensure the safety of the baby.

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