What Makes People Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Question by ?Ebonique?: What makes people addicted to prescription drugs?
I don’t understand. Why do people get addicted to prescription drugs? I know people get addicted to street drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc., but why prescription drugs? I could never imagine myself getting addicted to prescription drugs. I thought people would look more forward to getting off prescription drugs rather than getting hooked on it.

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Answer by Blitzed & Bombed
Prescription drugs can still get you high, just like street drugs, and are just as addictive. And of course, no one chooses to become addicted to a drug. Prescription drugs is a very wide category though, and can include anything from anxiety medications to muscle relaxants and painkillers.

Some people might abuse prescription drugs also because they are more readily accessible than street drugs. It is unfortunately very easy to “doctor shop” and get all of the pills you want.

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