Teenagers Abuse of Drugs?

Question by Michael S: teenagers abuse of drugs?
I am doing a descriptive essay on teenagers abuse on drugs and was wondering if anyone has any facts or websites with shocking information with teens doing drugs. Wheather it deals with sex or soemthing like that. Thanks in advance.
thank you.. anyone else….
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Answer by softaiil952000
Look up the TV show called INTERVENTION it is the best show and the best real advice out there. It follows real people and their struggle with drugs and alcohol, it is amazing and the web site has great information

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Drug Addiction Facts & Statistics. – Drug and alcohol abuse are defined as an example of drinking or using drugs (prescription and illicit) that cause harmful effects to a person’s health, livel…


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  • Dylan M says:

    I was a drug addict through my teen years and it was a painful time. It started with Marijuana when I was 13 and I quickly advanced to harder drugs. I was a daily Cocaine abuser by my 16th Birthday. In my neighborhood, it was not abnormal for teens to abuse drugs , so it went unoticed by my Parents and teachers. My peer group all knew I had a big problem by I was also their Dealer , so I was never confronted.
    My abuse got even worse when I started using Meth and ecstacy chronically on top of my already crippling Cocaine addiction… I have alot of first hand knowledge on the subject.
    I’m now a recovering addict at age 22. If you would like any more info you can email me @ dylanmacneil@ymail.com.
    I would be glad to share my story

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