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Anyone Know of Any Christian Rehab Programs in the Dallas Area?

Question by Lynnmarie: Anyone know of any Christian rehab programs in the Dallas area?
for drug/alcohol abuse, etc.

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Answer by aggiemom2000
Central Hills, La Hacienda, and others are listed as “within Dallas Area.” Type Christian rehab in Dallas, TX into a search and this should bring up some options for your consideration. Shiloh is listed in Dallas. Also, some depend if you are male or female as to where the closest location is to you.

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Potentially Dangerous Drug 'Molly' Gains Popularity

Potentially dangerous drug 'Molly' gains popularity

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The drug's effects last approximately three to six hours, although it is not uncommon for users to take a second dose of the drug as the effects of the first dose begin to fade. It is commonly taken in combination with other drugs. MDMA acts by …
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Rugby and League: Rugby codes tackle drug use

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What Are Reasons for Drug Abuse/ Alcohol Abuse?

Question by : What are reasons for drug abuse/ alcohol abuse?
And what are symptoms of people who abuse drugs and alcohol? thank youuu!

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Answer by Aku-Haru
There are a lot of reasons…….bad home life, boredom, curiosity, peer pressure, unhappiness, enjoyment, etc. And signs? Uhm…..If its abused you can basically tell =.=

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Essay Please Help Me Real Desperate?

Question by Ahmed B: essay please help me real desperate?
well i am about to write an essay on why drugs and alcohol should be banned but the my bloody problem is that i cannot come up with a lot of things so please help me. please give me an introductory statement and a thesis statement. i have to have 3 arguments and each argument asks for at least 3 proofs so can you give me idea on these proofs, this is what i can write as proofs so far but i cannot make sense to it like

What Percent of Rehabilitated People Actually Are Cured?

Question by Maryy: What percent of rehabilitated people actually are cured?
ok so this is for a project….
does anyone know what percent of rehabilitated people get out and dont do the same mistake agian??? (i.e.- they would use drugs daily, went to rehab, then when they got out they quit completly)
i searched yahoo, google, and ask jeeves. i did all of my project and this is just a small part of it wich isnt really gonna be graded so keep your useless coments to yourself

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Answer by raysny
Rehabs often claim amazing results, but the reality is less than spectacular.

Speech on Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Question by Rachel: speech on drug and alcohol abuse?
i have a speech due tomorrow on ways to prevent drug and alcohol abhse in the us, and forgot about it until now. i need to have a thesis, three ideas with an explination, and a conclusion. im panicking, my mind is completely blank, and i have no idea ehat to do! help me please!

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Answer by Guy B1
I would search on the website about! drug related stuff it’s all on the internet. you can’t miss anything all the info is on it that’s what makes it so great interesting facts.