What Are Reasons for Drug Abuse/ Alcohol Abuse?

Question by : What are reasons for drug abuse/ alcohol abuse?
And what are symptoms of people who abuse drugs and alcohol? thank youuu!

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Answer by Aku-Haru
There are a lot of reasons…….bad home life, boredom, curiosity, peer pressure, unhappiness, enjoyment, etc. And signs? Uhm…..If its abused you can basically tell =.=

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  • Stephani Calabrese says:

    There are many reasons why people abuse drugs and alcohol. Some people believe it is a quick fix to their problems, some use drugs and alcohol to forget their problems for a short period of time, sometimes drugs and alcohol will make a person more out going or different than the person they are. But the above only works for a short period of time and people become addicted or alcoholic and drugging and drinking is no longer, it becomes their lives. I have attached some websites for you to understand more about why people drug and drink. I hope this will help you.

  • Ginny Jin says:

    My reasons –

    Stress/Coping mechanism for personal crisis
    To help sleep
    To help relax
    Cheap and easily available

  • The best video says:

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