Child Care Position…………..?

Question by Angel0fDarkness: Child Care position…………..?
so i will soon be starting a child care position. what are some things to have on hand to appear professional and serious?

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Answer by frockney
Yes, learn all about adoption from these sites:

Adopted ‘children’ are disproportionately represented with learning disabilities and organic brain syndrome. (Schecter and Genetic Behaviors)

Mental health professionals are surprised at the alarmingly high number of their patients who are adopted. Studies show an average of 25 to 35% of the young people in residential treatment centers are adoptees. This is 17 times the norm. (Lifton, BIRCO–Pannor and Lawrence)

Adoptees are more likely to have difficulties with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, infertility, suicide and untimely pregnancies. (Young, Bohman, Mitchell, Ostroff, Ansfield, Lifton and Schecter)

Adoptees are more likely to choose alternate lifestyles. (Ansfield and Lifton)

Alarmingly high numbers of adoptees are sent to disciplinary/correctional schools or are locked out of their homes [adoptive]. (Anderson and Carlson)

60 to 85% of the teens at Coldwater Canyon’s Center For Personal Development, are adopted. That is 30 to 40 times the norm. The center is a private acute-care psychiatric hospital/school in Southern California. (Ostroff)

50 to 70% of the teens at The Haven in New Trier Township, Illinois, are adopted. That is 25 to 35 times the norm. The Haven is a resource center for street kids. (Henderson)

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