Alcohol and Drugs?

Question by je: Alcohol and Drugs?
I was just wondering what everyones views are about teaching the dangers of Drug and Alcohol abuse in Islamic culture.
Do you feel that the Masjid offers enough information for youths about drugs and how they look(especially in countries where drug use is prevalent)?
Do you feel Islamic Communities offer adequate treatment programs?
Do you feel enough is being done to discourage the use of drugs? Such as education?

I know some will say why would you need to know about drugs when your a Muslim, I just want to say I have worked with youths who have mistakenly or had been tricked into taken some type of drug because they actually were unaware it was a drug…
Richard, I do not know if you have been to the Middle East but I will tell you since I live here the Khat is not accepted all over the Middle East. Khat is mainly consumed in Yemen and Somalia. It is Haraam in Islam. It is not accepted in the country where I live, Jordan.

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Answer by Conan the Grammarian
I wish such dangers were more clearly taught in non-Muslim cultures.

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