Why Is He So Depressed?

Question by Kimmy Henne: Why is he so depressed?
My friend grew up in a very violent household. He grew up never having anybody to rely on. He went out with this girl and she left him because of the way his homelife is (he’s 20 and has had about 20 other girlfriends in the past). But when this one left he really crashed, started using drugs like Xanax and clonazipam. His biological sister promised to always be there for him but after an incident with his adopted mom throwing a chair at him and he sent her the video she said “It’s not my problem” and won’t hear anymore about it, she just ignores him. So now he starts mixing pills and alcohol. He was SO happy when he was with that girl now she left. What could he be doing that kept him out of lovefor so long? He doesn’t know how to get a girlfriend cause he has no confidence and is a little wobbly after a bad car accident. He is about 5′ 8″, blonde and rlly handsome but what can he do? And no I already have a boyfriend

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Answer by RWPossum
You can have the best advice in the world on how to stop abusing drugs, but it’s of no use if the addict doesn’t want to stop. On the other hand, things can get better by getting worse. There are some experts on addiction who say that the most effective means of stopping abuse is the abuser’s own experience. In other words, “hitting rock bottom,” the agonizing result of addiction, is about as effective as the best treatments (cognitive-behavioral therapy, Motivation Enhancement, 12-Step programs). Medical treatment is important, especially with addicts who abuse more than one drug.

If it will do any good, you can show him about this organization and tell him about how solid it’s reputation is.


SMART Recovery offers mutual help for addicts in the form of face-to-face and online meetings. The organization’s philosophy, as outlined at its website, shows the influence of two counseling approaches, cognitive-behavioral therapy and Motivation Enhancement. SMART recovery is not just for drug abuse or alcoholism but for addictions in general.

The SMART Recovery website claims that, because the program is based on established principles , its support is seen in “hundreds” of journal articles. SMART Recovery also claims that it’s recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Center for Health Care Evaluation, the National Institute on Drug Abuse/US Department of Health and Human Services, and the American Society of Addiction .”

Psychologists have found that activities that new to the person and require thought and memory help recovering addicts. For example, I know of a patient in rehab who learned to play the guitar.

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