Can Some One Give Me an Internet Site?

Question by ilovemyjohny: can some one give me an internet site?
does anyone have or know of a web site that can give me a link to the symptoms of drug/substance abuse?
things are getting really strange where i live. the person we hired to help up is constantly ‘reved” up. cannot concentrate been caught in lies. and knows too much about the reasons of people getting kicked out of a detox including the vets’ the biggest problem is we are concerned with helping veterans to recover from things ( unspecified). this detox takes in not only vets. but those who have been civilian, it’s a detox.for both vets. and civilians.
the ( the man we now deal with ) is more concerned with getting paid under the table. than to file a tax form ? my concern is
1 how can we see signs of drug abuse/alochol
2. how can we do this and not offend him.
3 how can we find any proof if he hasn’t showed his dd14 discharge to us as of yet.
man we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
we don’t know if we could get any Information from the detox he’s in.( anonymous)
hello, thanks, if you don’t mind i’ve put you into my contact list.
i’m not being paranoid, being trained by community poicing, i’ve had my life threanted three times the forth one ended with more than an thrat, i was almost killed.
hamds are tied, too much to loose, is i let my husband know too much he will be a target also.

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Answer by Lynette
Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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