I Need Some Recent, Reliable Statistics; Care to Help?

Question by Amethyst: I need some recent, reliable statistics; care to help?
I would very much like these statistics from reliable, recent sources:
What percentage of drug abusers become addicted
What percentage of teenagers use illegal (NOT prescription) drugs
What amount of money the U.S. has spent on the war on drugs so far this year.
How many arrests out of 1000 (or 100 or 10; doesn’t really matter just out of a number) are drug-related i.e. possession, use, selling
How many people each year die from tobacco
How many people each year die from alcohol poisoning
How many people each year die from alcohol-induced car accidents
What percentage of illegal drug addicts relapse after admitting themselves to treatment
What percentage of convicts in prison on drug-related charges were addicted to drugs at the time of the crime
Please include all of your sources. These statistics should be at least as recent as 2005, and if possible more recent than that. Thank you to anyone who answers.
I have googled these to no end! If you are not going to give me the actual statistics, please don’t answer!

Best answer:

Answer by smarkham01
Try googling

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

and using:

and bear in mind that you have created a dilemma by requiring “NOT prescription” drugs as “prescription” drugs used by anyone other than the person the are prescribed to are illegal:-) and most drug deaths are the result of “prescribed” drugs:-)

Sorry, I’m not in the habit of doing other’s work for them. Enjoy helping them learn how to do it, though. Surprisingly, I found numbers at each URL listed, the top four google responses provided numbers, too! If you’re not willing to put oput a bit of effort – don’t bother asking questions.

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