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I Have to Find Drug Rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?

Question by anahi da: I have to find drug rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?
I was surprised to find out that one of my friends, who has just recently moved there, is now a heroin addict. I found out about this because a common friend of ours (who lives with her) told me about it and asked for my help. I think we’d better get her treated. How will I find a rehab there, though?

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Are There Drug Rehabs in Windom, Maine That Administer Buprenorphine Instead of Methadone?

Question by caitlin lb: Are there drug rehabs in Windom, Maine that administer buprenorphine instead of methadone?
My mom has heard of buprenorphine and it seems as if this is more appealing than methadone when it comes to the treatment of heroin addiction. My dad has gotten himself addicted to heroin and we really need to put him in a drug rehab. This has got to happen soon because my mom, as well as my siblings, are really having a hard time. It hurts us so much to see our dad suffer like this.

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Are There Really More Teens in Drug Rehabs Than Adults?

Question by abbie t: Are there really more teens in drug rehabs than adults?
I know someone who has just gotten out of inpatient rehabilitation and he told me that there are a lot of other teens spending their time there. This just piqued my curiosity.

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Why Do Christian Drug Rehabs Boast an 80% Success Rate, When Secular Drug Rehabs Boast Less Than 5%?

Question by Todd ex-atheist: Why do Christian drug rehabs boast an 80% success rate, when secular drug rehabs boast less than 5%?

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Answer by Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
Cite your source(s), please.

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I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?

Question by catherine_ann: I need to find drug rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?
I’m doing a research for one of my classes and it entails getting information about drugs and drug treatment programs. I thought I’d interview people in different rehabs so that I may compare them.

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Answer by Jen22
I’d look in your local yellow pages for Rehabilitation Centers. Choose which ones and call and make an appt. to speak to someone and explain your doing research.

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*URGENT* LONG TERM Drug Rehabs in or Around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?

Question by Milan1513: *URGENT* LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?
Is anyone aware of any LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas. My friend is horribly addicted to meth and benzodiazepines. Due to her disease she post her good job, is homeless with no insurance. Are there any LONG TERM rehabs you are aware of that will admit people in these circumstances? Preferably not a State Facility. It is imperative that we admit her ASAP

I thank you so much if you have anywhere for me to call!!!!

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