*URGENT* LONG TERM Drug Rehabs in or Around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?

Question by Milan1513: *URGENT* LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?
Is anyone aware of any LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas. My friend is horribly addicted to meth and benzodiazepines. Due to her disease she post her good job, is homeless with no insurance. Are there any LONG TERM rehabs you are aware of that will admit people in these circumstances? Preferably not a State Facility. It is imperative that we admit her ASAP

I thank you so much if you have anywhere for me to call!!!!

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Answer by myquietangel
I am sorry but, if she hasn’t money, then her only choice IS a state hospital unfortunately. It couldnt be as bad as living on the streets!!!
I would try Terrell or Rusk state hospital.

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