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Can I Get Into “civil” Boot Camp?

Question by Ari K: Can I get into “civil” boot camp?
Are there any programs or something like boot camps like army services has?

I would like to join one for few month for the purpose of training, and discipline especially.

I’m from NYC
and wanted to know if such programs exist. in the area ( nj, ny, etc)


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Answer by Gerald
Sign up for a stint in the military branch of your choice and you will receive the discipline you are seeking

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Where Could I Find a Treatment Center for Addiction to Drugs in Texas or Oklahoma?

Question by jan e: Where could i find a treatment center for addiction to drugs in Texas or Oklahoma?

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Answer by Sage
I have listed a website that has drug rehab centers in all 50 states.
I wish you well in your efforts.

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How to Get Temporary Custody if Your Grandchild in the State of Utah?

Question by mollyjillene: how to get temporary custody if your grandchild in the state of utah?
My aunt is trying to get temporary custody of her grandchild; the mother is in a state funded drug rehab center and her son (my cousin) has a history of drug abuse. My aunt has the baby now but needs to get temporary custody for the time being. We live in Utah, can anyone help?

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Looking for Braidedriver Drug Rehab Center in Durando Colorado?

Question by Nadine T: looking for braidedriver drug rehab center in Durando Colorado?

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Answer by Cliff Schaffer
There is a national list of drug treatment centers at http://druglibary.org/db/drugabuseresourcelist.aspx

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I Want to Join Scientology? but How?

Question by Talia: I want to join Scientology? but how?

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Answer by Judy
Don’t do it.

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Rehab Center in Mexicali, Baja California?

Question by NeedHelp: Rehab center in Mexicali, Baja California?
I have a cousin that lives in Mexicali, Baja California and she has become addicted to drugs and her mother wants to put her in a rehab center. My aunt has gone to look at a few rehab centers, but has been told by several people that they are very dangerous. My cousin is a 20 year old girl, so I would rather her be in a women’s center. If anyone personally knows of any rehab centers anywhere in Mexicali please let me know. Tecate would also be ok.

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