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I Have to Find Drug Rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?

Question by anahi da: I have to find drug rehabs in Wells, Maine. How?
I was surprised to find out that one of my friends, who has just recently moved there, is now a heroin addict. I found out about this because a common friend of ours (who lives with her) told me about it and asked for my help. I think we’d better get her treated. How will I find a rehab there, though?

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Child Support in California Under the Table Jobs?

Question by *: child support in California under the table jobs?
In a California child support situation where the mother has custody and the father is to pay child support but works under the table….how does that work? He could claim he is older, sick/hurt, out of work because of the economy, and is not working. In this case I know he is and spends his money drinking, doing meth, and setting up drug deals for extra cash. Is the system so broke that he will get away with not taking care of his responsibilities?
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MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa Marijuana?

Question by selina [vegan] [OBAMA<3]: MARIJUANAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa marijuana?
can you help edit my essay about mary jane?
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There are many unjust charges being made for drug arrests, specifically for marijuana. There are major subjects that should be brought up, some include, taxes, overcrowded prisons, drug wars, and the charges that vary from state to states. In my opinion, some drug charges should be lowered to a more reasonable sentence.

Are There Any Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Cocaine Abuse?

Question by emily: Are there any drug rehabilitation centers for cocaine abuse?
I’m just wondering if there are drug rehabilitations or programs that specializes in cocaine treatment because my cousin is addicted to cocaine. I’m really getting worried about him.

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Answer by tonalc1
All rehab centers will deal with cocaine abuse (unless they specifically say otherwise).

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Are There Really More Teens in Drug Rehabs Than Adults?

Question by abbie t: Are there really more teens in drug rehabs than adults?
I know someone who has just gotten out of inpatient rehabilitation and he told me that there are a lot of other teens spending their time there. This just piqued my curiosity.

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I Just Recently Got My Second DWI in Texas, Can I Still Go to Grad School??

Question by DateDr: I just recently got my second DWI in texas, Can i still go to Grad School??
I got one in Dallas County and one in Bexar County…..i am a full time student and i am also under 21,i want to go to either dental school or Med school i was wondering, how hard is it going to be for me to get in…and also if any one is also going thru the same thing please give me some advice…on extra things that they might have to do or just basically overall what i need to do and focus on??? I would greatly appreciate it, if sumone could throw some advice my way
Also for my benefit i moved back hom with my parents,whom do not drink and can keep an eye on me…with that being said where i use to go to school i had a very good gpa 3.6
Another thing i want to add is….im a typical college student..yes i should have stayed away from alcohol after the first one….i agree totally….but i didnt…and that doesnt make me a alcoholic…..most students do what i do but just have not gotten caught yet…and i feel that is the only diffrence that there is between me and a normal college student..I got my work done…and then i did whatever i wanted to…i never slacked always went to school was in and still is in different organizations…did tons of community service….so for me i do not think i am an alcoholic….i do not think about it all the time and i do not need it really…i just drank it because i enjoyed a drink every now and then
and also from a financial standpoint i am fine……i have no worrys about that…the only thing going around in my mind is of the fact if i can get in or not..any extra coursework or classes is fine with me i have to deal with the consequences