I Want to Join Scientology? but How?

Question by Talia: I want to join Scientology? but how?

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Answer by Judy
Don’t do it.

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13 Responses to I Want to Join Scientology? but How?

  • FTWmansnake says:

    Do you have 300 thousand or more net worth?
    If not, are you willing to take out loans?
    If the answer to either question is yes, Scientology will be glad to accept you.

  • Ray H says:

    Marry Tom Cruise.

  • PlanB says:

    Just be prepared to give away all your money. You’ll gain as much status as Tom Cruise. Simples! ….(I’m being serious…)

  • Last says:

    Use closet mail.

    Go into your closet, close the door, close your eyes, and think of a request to join, and then send it mentally.

    Don’t contact them by any other means. They will contact you if you are ready to join.

  • Tommiecat says:

    Don’t do it. It was created to show that people like you would fall for a scam.

  • oli says:

    Why don’t you go to Wikipedia and read about their founders life. Ron Hubbard.

    Like negative attention much?

  • CCC says:

    Never join.

  • Evangilizing The Lost says:

    It’s a cult and won’t save you. Seek Jesus. They don’t

  • romfordrelic says:

    Why do you want to do that? There are far cheaper options available to you with equally ridiculous tenets.

  • Dangerous Mr. says:

    Go to the Clearwater FL public bus station
    Wait until 5:00 PM when the Beehive lets out
    Watch all of the dressed alike Scientology Zombies get out of work
    You could read the series of articles in the Tampa Bay Times about Scientology and save yourself a lot of money and grief

  • FrankMahovlich says:

    This is another step against this group.

  • anonymom17 says:

    David Love got the dox.

  • LFraudHubbard says:

    How many more have to die at Scientology’s hands?

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