Rehab Center in Mexicali, Baja California?

Question by NeedHelp: Rehab center in Mexicali, Baja California?
I have a cousin that lives in Mexicali, Baja California and she has become addicted to drugs and her mother wants to put her in a rehab center. My aunt has gone to look at a few rehab centers, but has been told by several people that they are very dangerous. My cousin is a 20 year old girl, so I would rather her be in a women’s center. If anyone personally knows of any rehab centers anywhere in Mexicali please let me know. Tecate would also be ok.

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Answer by Jim 2
There have been issues in Juarez and Tijuana where Cartel members have entered Rehabs and lined up victims and shot folks in rehab.
The last time I told this a Guy named KEVIN said I was a complete ass .

Here you have the Videos and Kevin should stfu

Please go to you tube and search Rehab in Juarez. As well as Tijuana

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