Which Treatment Would Be Most Appropriate or a Person With a Long History of Serious Drug Abuse? Look Below?

Question by 15yearold: Which treatment would be most appropriate or a person with a long history of serious ? Look below?
Is it: Drug counseling, Maintenance therapy, A stay at a therapeutic community, or Medication therapy?
Oh my God what is wrong with you people. I am looking for only one of the answers. This is a question that I need to know for my Health Final tomorrow and my teacher took away our books. I am not a drug user (actually I am far from that). Just please give me one of the choices provided. How hard is that?

I Need to Know How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Mapleton, Maine. How?

Question by aurelia iw: I need to know how to find addiction treatment centers in Mapleton, Maine. How?
I have a friend who really idolized someone whom she found out was a heroin addict. That’s when she started to wonder what it’s like to be doing heroin. She tried it and got herself addicted. I really want to help her get through this. I already talked to her parents and they told me that they need help in finding addiction treatment centers.

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Is There Online Help for Drug/alcohol Abuse?

Question by Emily: Is there online help for drug/alcohol abuse?
Are there any websites a person can go to for ONLINE HELP for drug and/or alcohol addiction? SWIM wants to try rehab, but he wants to try it online. Do you know of any websites that he can go to that will help him via online? Thanks.

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Answer by neemo
There are number of organizations which provide free online/toll-free phone help for drug or alcohol problems. Some depend on where you live, but if you’re just going to use online instead of phone, then it might not matter where you live except under certain circumstances. I had a list of the better known organizations, but I do not have access to it at the moment, so these are some websites I’ve found through Google:

How to Get Over Sex Addiction?

Question by Benji: How to get over sex addiction?
I’m addicting to having sex. I feel like I need it. It isn’t my only addiction, but it’s the biggest problem at the moment. How can I solve this.
you’re so welcome, hookkkkaaaahhhh

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Answer by Brailyn Busby
do not look at porn or think about it or anything.. by the way thx for you’re comment on my question…. HOOKER!!!!!

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Drug Rehab Information – Please Help?

Question by totalstressor: information – please help?
A family member needs to go to a “live in” drug rehab, preferably in Florida. Due to these drugs, he lost his business, money, car, etc… The court said if he goes to rehab he won’t go to jail. The problem: My family cannot afford to send him to a private rehab. Any suggestions or resources that I might look at. This family member could even barter his fee. He is a licensed contractor in the state of Florida and has built and remodeled for some very wealthy and famous people.

Should All Drugs Be Legalized? Illegalized?

Question by Mr J: Should all Drugs be legalized? illegalized?
I am talking about all drugs. I am sure there are a lot of people who are going to advocate Marijuana legalization on here. Potheads: go chill out and smoke a bowl “maaan”, your not aloud in this conversation.
The truth: Are you high on THC right now? You need to look at both sides of the argument.

There are also many arguments against legalization.


Legalization would increase the number of casual users which, in turn, would increase the number of .