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If You Are in a Drug Rehab Center and You Slip and Fall on Waxed Stairs W/no Warning Signs Posted Can You Sue?

Question by keye: If you are in a drug rehab center and you slip and fall on waxed stairs w/no warning signs posted can you sue?
This is Texas and I was given a form to sign when arrived relieving them of responsiblities if injured. But I was on drugs when I signed it. Now clean. The stairs were waxed in the a.m. and there were no caution signs anywhere. I slipped and went down hard and reinjured a previous shoulder injury on the 2 X 4 being used for the hand rail. I didn’t report it until the next day, hoping that it wasn’t as serious as it turned out. I requested for 4 days to seek medical attention when they finally took me to a local urgent care facility. After seeing a physician and getting an ant-inflamatory prescription I was expected to pay for the treatment and prescription. I had no money, which they were very aware of , and no insurance. What rights do I have in this situation and is there someplace I can go to find my rights while in a rehab center.

Help With Drug Abuse?

Question by rarely: Help with drug abuse?
I’ve been sober from cocaine and dope for about a week now because I keep relapsing…I’ve been sober in alcoholics anonymous for a year and a half about two years ago, but this time around I can’t seam to do it…I’ve been going to meetings but they all suck around here and I dont favor the people, I have no network of young people to help me out or any way to go to meetings out of town…I’m really hating myself because I can’t seam to get any significant help

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Free Drug Rehabilitation Centers in California/Nevada?

Question by J: Free drug rehabilitation centers in California/Nevada?
Hello – My family is having a hard time with my brother. He is currently living on a $ 500 month unemployment check. His girlfriend and him just broke up and he wants to move home with my parents. Unfortunately, he has been an alcoholic for the past 8 years of his life. My parent’s want to find a rehab center for him before he moves back home. He is 29 years old and drinks a 24 pack of beer every day. Please, my family doesn’t have any money to send him. Is there anywhere we can send him?

I Am Looking for a Free or According to Income Drug Rehab Center for Cocaine Addiction,Marijuana and Alcohol.?

Question by shellybelly: I am looking for a free or according to income Drug rehab center for cocaine addiction,marijuana and alcohol.?

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Answer by mhumeston
Well It would depend on where you are located. You can always look in the begining of the phone book under drug abuse and call their hotline for information. Do you live in California?

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Are There FREE or LOW COST in-Patient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Texas?

Question by lina77: Are there FREE or LOW COST In-Patient Alcohol Rehab centers in Texas?
I’m looking for a 14 day low cost or possibly free alcohol rehab center for a non-insured patient. I know AA is free but I’m looking for an in-patient setting. Really need to help a friend in need!!

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Answer by Amaretta
Here’s a listing for you:

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Drug Rehab Center in Hawaii?

Question by : drug rehab center in Hawaii?
can anyone help me find a drug detox in Hawaii that takes med quest insurance?? i know there are some,just not sure what there called. anything would help. thanks!!!

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Answer by askforadvice2009
(DASH)/Methadone Maintenance Drug Addiction Services of Hawaii Inc

Substance abuse treatment, detoxification and methadone maintenance and detox – outpatient programs for adolescents, persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, pregnant/postpartum women, women and men

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 1130 North Nimitz Highway
Suite C-302

Phone: (808) 538-0704