If You Are in a Drug Rehab Center and You Slip and Fall on Waxed Stairs W/no Warning Signs Posted Can You Sue?

Question by keye: If you are in a drug rehab center and you slip and fall on waxed stairs w/no warning signs posted can you sue?
This is Texas and I was given a form to sign when arrived relieving them of responsiblities if injured. But I was on drugs when I signed it. Now clean. The stairs were waxed in the a.m. and there were no caution signs anywhere. I slipped and went down hard and reinjured a previous shoulder injury on the 2 X 4 being used for the hand rail. I didn’t report it until the next day, hoping that it wasn’t as serious as it turned out. I requested for 4 days to seek medical attention when they finally took me to a local urgent care facility. After seeing a physician and getting an ant-inflamatory prescription I was expected to pay for the treatment and prescription. I had no money, which they were very aware of , and no insurance. What rights do I have in this situation and is there someplace I can go to find my rights while in a rehab center.

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Talk to a lawyer.

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