Philippines Is Tore Back-From Addiction-Are We Wasting Our Time?

Question by Jeffry Helms: Philippines is Tore Back-from addiction-Are we wasting our time?
Every person I saw on photos etc.from typhoon are completely tore back with layered drug addictions. Toxic algae blooms produce gas that affect our weather and people that use put bad things in water that cause toxic algae blooms. Are the filipinos are going to sober up–are we just making a bad situation worse by helping them out–are the neighboring countries going to have more problems now with all this help? In america-I’ve seen some clean and sober filipinos but alot were in wannabe racketeering groups and foreign organized drug fronts etc .that caused great suffering in america–are we setting ourselves up for a fall.
“clncarplz” I waited to say something till after they had some kind of support–but YOU know and I know THERE TORE BACK BIG TIME , helping the filipinos will probably hurt more than help–ESPECIALLY them, china and korea has to “police” the area after the big junkie trash fecal blowout—-which costs millions of dollars just to keep their areas safe–IN FACT, they’ll have to drop this to a zoonotic conflict and outbreak from happening:

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Answer by clncarplz
What photos are you talking about that show EVERY person here is a drug user? That is nonsense.
To answer your question of “-Are we wasting our time?” I say no we are not wasting our time helping others.

But I also say you are wasting your (& our) time ranting on & bad mouthing Filipinos.

Edit. Your film clip does NOT have anything to to with the typhoon & Filipinos. After reading your rants on your profile & seeing that you admit you are a “nickel & dime bag drug user” lets me know who REALLY is the “Tore Back-from addict” plus it shows your racism.

Thank you ms.understood. I am living in Leyte & we just got the power & internet back on last night. Has anybody mentioned that the wind blew here? he he

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