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Had Experience With Rehab Aftercare, Like a Halfway House?

Question by Mardi: Had experience with rehab aftercare, like a halfway house?
My boyfriend of a couple years is currently at Second Nature Wilderness Therapy. He has been there for almost 10 weeks & wont be done until another couple weeks. He got caught stealing and tested positive on drug screen. He also failed out of school during this time & has a problem with lying. The Judge recommended some type of rehab and he voluntarily went. Anyways, I thought this was all about to be over, but he is now being sent to a halfway house (not sure which yet) directly after. I understand the reasoning for it, but Im just upset by it all.
I have been trying to research, but Im finding the same things. does anyone have experience with one or know someone? Any clue what time frame he will be there for? Will we even be able to communicate/visit with me? But more importantly, did it work?
Thanks so much

Has Anyone Have an Idea Where Either Pres. Candidate Stands on Marijuana Legalization?

Question by 95Batman: Has anyone have an idea where either Pres. candidate stands on marijuana legalization?
The VPs are an area of interest obviously. Does anyone know of any voting or legislation by any of these four politicians? Also, what is your personal take on marijuana law reform (should it ever be legalized, will it ever be legalized and when do you think the laws could change)?
I noticed there are a lot of imbeciles replying that it’s not an issue. Any issue is relevant if citizens are concerned about them. Please just don’t respond if your comment is of the “not an issue” variety. Thank you.

Leaked Paper Reveals UN Split Over War on Drugs

Leaked paper reveals UN split over war on drugs

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The EU is also pushing hard for the draft to emphasise the need for drug-dependence treatment and care options for offenders as an alternative to incarceration. "Drug users should be entitled to access to treatment, essential medicines, care and …
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New Helpline in Killeen Makes Addiction Recovery Possible

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Can You Force an Adult in Indiana Legally to Go Into Rehab or Go to Jail?

Question by Chloe: Can you force an adult in Indiana legally to go into rehab or go to jail?
I’m fearful of losing my 31-year-old boyfriend to a very serious Heroin addiction. I think he deep down inside wants to get better. He has done very little though to find help as he gets frustrated because he has no money or insurance for a rehab facility. He is on death’s door. I’ve seriously considered finding a way to have him arrested but I KNOW that jail will only succeed into keeping clean while he’s there and the second he get out, he’ll use again. He’s done a couple of stints in jail for a few weeks and it did no good. He really needs at least a 3 month drug rehab inpatient treatment facility followed by going to a halfway house or a sober living facility. I don’t want to give up on him. PLEASE HELP! Any links or personal experience stories is greatly appreciated. I’d really like to hear from a lawyer or law student or even a police officer that has dealt with individuals like these. He still has so much to offer this world. When I met him 9 years ago, he was clean and totally different. He was hard-working, very likeable, honest, and strong. He is none of these things now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I do NOT want to have to go to my boyfriend’s own funeral.

Mental Health Care in Georgia?

Question by Muse – Viktor’s Mommy: Mental health care in Georgia?
I have a brother who is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and is also bipolar. He had a psychotic episode back in the beginning of the summer when he took ecstasy; it caused a bad chemical reaction which made him have to be hospitalized in the mental health ward of the local medical college here. After a week of being there, he was released.

New York City What Are My Options for Emergency Housing as a Female?

Question by : new york city what are my options for emergency housing as a female?
I am a recoving alcoholic and need to find sober living housing for women. any ideas??

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