New York City What Are My Options for Emergency Housing as a Female?

Question by : new york city what are my options for emergency housing as a female?
I am a recoving alcoholic and need to find sober living housing for women. any ideas??

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117 Sober Living Homes in NY
Non-profit directory for NY Sober Living Homes, Halfway House, … Find a NY Sober Living Home, drug rehab or NY Alcohol Treatment Center in your city.…NY – Cached – SimilarSober Housing : Treatment Options : The Addiction Recovery Guide
A women’s sober house in Plymouth, MN focusing on community support and the 12-step … A men’s clean and sober community located in Staten Island, NY for … – Cached – SimilarSober Living Homes
Resources and links to Sober Living Homes to help in addiction recovery. … AARCH is a network of addiction community residences in New York State … Sober Living Women-Texas · Soberville – Social Model Sober Living for Men … – Cached – SimilarBrowse All New York Sober Living Homes – SoberNexus Support
Home; Sober Housing. Need Sober Housing? Browse Listings … Browse All Sober Living Homes in New York City … “Phase 1 Residence – For Women” ……Sober-Living…/page_2195095.html – CachedSober Living Homes
Learn about sober living homes. Benefits of a sober living home. … New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota … Sober living homes offer affordable housing and recovery support for people with some … – Cached – Similar

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