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Residential Hospital in Michigan to Help Meth Users Without Health Insurance Quit?

Question by John M: Residential hospital in Michigan to help meth users without health insurance quit?
My daughter, who’s 18, has fallen in with some meth users. She told me she tried it once but I think she’s using it regularly. She barely sleeps or eats, and she seems to have lost interest in grooming, school, etc. I have no power to keep her away from that crowd. She has no health insurance because she dropped out of college. Does anybody know if Michigan has a state-supported residential hospital for young adults where she can get treatment and be away from meth users? I don’t know how to remove her from the environment she is in, and I think that’s her only hope.

Is It Possible to Still Get Off Probation Early?

Question by djdp89: Is it possible to still get off probation early?
So I messed up and got a misdemeanor possession charge for marijuana. My probation is a year and I’ve been on it for 3 months now, about 7 to go. I have taken a substance evaluation and paid off all my fines but I also failed my first drug test. I still have to take a DUI class and do community service for failing (work alternative program).

My BIL’s EX Wife Is Pregnant and Doing Meth, I Was Just Curious as to What That Does to the Poor Baby….?

Question by Megs: My BIL’s EX wife is pregnant and doing meth, I was just curious as to what that does to the poor baby….?
BIL is brother in law BTW, He has left her FINALLY. The woman cheated on him a numerous of times and was impregnanted by a degenerate, another meth head. Sad but true, she has three children she has abandoned already, one of them my niece. Luckily all three are with their loving fathers. She was supposed to get an abortion but decided not to. I am against abortion but the hell that this unborn child has already gone through, I will be surprised if it lives to birth. I was curious as to what meth does to an unborn child, I cant even imagine the health problems that poor child is going to have.

In Harris County Texas, I Failed the First Drug Test for My Probation, What Happens if I Fail a Second?

Question by bookgarrr: In Harris County Texas, i failed the first drug test for my probation, what happens if i fail a second?
i was originally arrested for felony robbery, but was given deferred judification and reduced to a misdemeanor theft and placed on 2 years probation. last moth was the first time i reported and i failed the drug test. my officer made me go get a drug evaluation and i have to go to this rehab crap twice a week. what are the consequences of failing the next drug test, which is proabably going to happen? will i spend the remainder of my time in jail?

Two UA Probation Violations?

Question by joesmith: Two UA probation violations?
State of laws: Kentucky
I am a 5 year probation for drug paraphanalia. Last month i tested dirty for marijuana for a probation drug test. I was ordered to do community service. I had another test this month and im pretty sure i will fail it as well. I will know if i did fail or not on my next PO meeting. What are the chances I will be put before a judge and ordered to serve jail time? Is there a chance i will be allowed to take drug rehab or classes instead even though its a second violation?

Drug Testing Questions!!!!!!!!!?

Question by magicman498: drug testing questions!!!!!!!!!?
My questions:
– Do you have to receive a consent form for drug testing from employer???
– In Illinois do employers have to drug test you???
– Can they give me the consent form at any time if it is needed????

Best answer:

Answer by Ron
If an employer requires you to have a drug test, they should pay for it without any consent forms as it’s done privately, employers in Illinois or any other state don’t have to drug test you, it’s up to individual companies

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