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Question About Wellbutrin?

Question by ann_non_a_miss: Question about Wellbutrin?
I was taking Wellbutrin for a little over a week and I did not notice it working. I was becoming increasingly more depressed to the point I was thinking about suicide. Today I was reading the pamphlet and it mentioned that the drug can cause suicidal thoughts and to stop taking it. Needless to say I am going to discontinue use. My question is, whay would this happen? If the drug is supposed to make depression go away, why would it make mine worse??? Does anyone know a good antidepressants I can try? Preferably one that also relieves anxiety and compulsive urges?

What Causes Addictions?

Question by Morgan J: What causes addictions?
I am doing a research paper and i really need to know what causes addictions and what kind of disorders cause them..

Also im doing a few paragraphs on strange addictions… like the show. like what causes people to do such weird things (such as the lady who drank her own urine) why cant they quit or five up? what made them start it in the first place?

**** give up

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Question by nicole l: Addiction…..?
hi, I have an addictive personality. I have the feeling I may also be bipolar. They say that most addictive personalities are caused by sudden trauma or loss on a family or friendship of the carrier. That happened to me and now I cannot stop thinking about it. My addictions are strange, they vary from people (celebrities) to dreams to bands to songs to movies to places to ideas to memories to foods to other not so healthy things. I know that this is wrong, but everything I’m told doesn’t help, please help me. I think I’m bipolar because I will go from incredably happy to such a low I try to kill myself. I don’t open up much to people, but I feel somewhat annomyous on the internet, though I’m not. I sometimes get incredably paranoid and I can’t control it. I do not want attention, simply answers. Thanks for reading.

Drug Addiction?

Question by zeroxerohero: Drug addiction?
My parents were addicts. I stated drinking at 14 pot at 10 coke/crack at 16 heroin at 22. I have been in recovery 3 years. My question is how many people are addicts who came from homes of addicts? i do belive my parents being addicts had a zillion terrible effects on my choices to use. LOOKING FOR THOUGHT ON children of drug/drink addicts. How it changed your life.
i did quit i SAID i’m 3 years in recovery.

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Answer by beergogglesrbroken
if ur so mad about doin drugs then quit son…..personally i like to smoke crack…makes ur brain feel SILLY!

What Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Do?

Question by : what drug and alcohol rehabilitation center Do?

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Answer by James Ronn
They provide treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.They follow their program in various steps.Some one told me about an rehab centre which usses different types of treatment programs for addictions.And by this life of an addictions gets fine .

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Illinois Age of Consent?

Question by Gabriel: Illinois age of consent?
Alright, im 19, my birthday is oct 1, my girlfriend is 16, birthday oct 13, we were introduced with the belief that she was 17. we haven’t had any sexual contact what so ever. Her parents hate me just because she has had some bad relationships an think im some guy who just wants to get her drunk or high an abuse her. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink my dad is a cop for Pete’s sake. I have my own home an i work full time. Her father died a long time ago so her mother has some boyfriend whose age is like 6 years different. She isn’t happy her life is controlled to a T. the other night she tried to stay at my house, not to do anything just to be with me. An her parents threatened to call the cops when they figured out where they were. The were not going to (because they were drunk off there ass;s) I’ve had a lot of shit relationships an I think this time it might be something more. I’m about to enroll in college for criminal justice to be a police officer. Can someone please tell me everything I can possibly do, from emancipation to anything please. Time is the only true test of love and I’m not letting go..