What Causes Addictions?

Question by Morgan J: What causes addictions?
I am doing a research paper and i really need to know what causes addictions and what kind of disorders cause them..

Also im doing a few paragraphs on strange addictions… like the show. like what causes people to do such weird things (such as the lady who drank her own urine) why cant they quit or five up? what made them start it in the first place?

**** give up

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Answer by Emma
depends on what kind of addictions. In cigarettes and hard drugs they contain chemicals that cause you to become physically addicted to it, where your body thinks you need whatever it was. Then theres mental addictions, like all the strange addictions. Theres nothing in her urine thats physically addictive, but when she drank it, something about it was soothing or she enjoyed which made her mentally addicted

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