Substance Abuse Counselors only…Help With Treatment Plan Assignment.?

Question by ebizartistry: Substance Abuse Counselors only…Help with treatment plan assignment.?
Below is a fictional character in for treatment. I am to compare my treatment plan with those of other substance abuse counselors. Please provide a general treatment plan that you would develop based on the below information.

Bill is 32 years old.
Referred by probation department.
Received 2nd DUI 1 month ago, posted .22 BA level.
First DUI was 3 years ago posting a BA of .18.
Used pot since age 13 and was high on last arrest.
He barely remembers being arrested, but remembers drinking 24 beers and feeling “shaky” upon awakening in jail.
Most of his drinking occurs in the evening after work.
Usually consumes about 6-8. Use is higher on the weekends. The last use of alcohol was 3 days ago.
Bill states that his problem with beer and marijuana began when he started to hang out with older people. He says that he really did not like the way it tasted, but it made him feel different, and away from reality.
He has been married two times. He has two sons. His wife wants him to stop because of all the bills and fines. He also admits that they separated when he got so drunk four months ago that he hit her. Because of this he recalls slowing down for a while and even quitting for about a week or two, but started again when he couldn’t “sleep right”.
Relationship with father is strained with a sound relationship with his mother.
He has received his GED.
Socially, he reports a few friends, mostly drinking or work buddies.
He enjoys hunting and fishing.
He is working as a maintenance person for the past year. He admits that he has received several warning for coming in late.
Medically, he is healthy.
Financially, they are on the verge of bankruptcy.
He smokes about a quarter ounce of pot every 1-2 weeks.
He adamantly denies any other drug use.

AXIS I: Alcohol Dependence, Marijuana abuse.
AXIS II: 301.70 Antisocial Personality Disorder
AXIS III: None reported by client
AXIS IV: Financial and legal problems,
AXIS V: Current GAF 69 Highest past year 72

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Answer by michele
You need to take another look at Axis II before you complete your treatment plan.


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