I Think I Developed a Cocaine Addiction. Help!?

Question by Bonny: I think I developed a cocaine addiction. Help!?
I’m 30 years old, married and my husband and I started using cocaine a couple years ago. At that time, we tried it with then acquantiances but, after a couple times, we stopped and didn’t have the desire to continue. Within the last two months, however, we have used cocaine several times a week and i’m scared that we have become addicted to it. Every time we make a pact to not do it anymore, when the weekend comes, someone will hint to it and the other will support us getting more. I’m really scared. I don’t want to ruin my life and I see that it’s not as easy as we thought to stop “cold turkey” because we rationalize the weekend use as just “having a good time on the weekend.”

I told my husband I was going to a NA meeting this evening because I think we need help. At this time, he doesn’t have the desire to go.

Any advice? Thank you.

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Answer by Christen T
You have to tell him to think about your future. Do you have any children? You can’t risk the chance of destroying your lives. You’ll be suprised how quickly cocaine can grab hold of your life. I’m so glad you want to stop this. It sounds to me like you are addicted. Please stop! You are going to find yourselves spending all your money on it and it will completely controll your life. I’ll pray for you two. I don’t want to get all religious on you but God is the only way to get through this and truly be happy. I know how hard that addiction is. Please talk to your husband.. This is your life. Don’t let something as ridicious as cocaine controll you. If your friends don’t understand now, they will later b/c they will see what they have become and then look at you and see how strong and responsible you two are for stopping this. Please stop. You don’t deserve this.

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