How to Fight Alcohol Addiction. Please Suggest Me Some Way.?

Question by sid: How to fight alcohol addiction. Please suggest me some way.?
Everywhere I see people and their families suffering due to alcohol addiction.

Addict loose health, wealth, respect and family.

I want alcohol to disappear for ever from this planet. But I don’t know what to do.

Please suggest me some practical and realistic answers on what should be done.

I also need like minded people who would like to join me in this anti alcohol drive.

Interested people can also mail me through my profile to come together in this initiative.

Honest serious people please.
I am not alcohol addict.
I just want to help others.

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Answer by Joshua sky
Take and empty can or bottle of liquor and fill it with the Appropriate colour for example if it’s bud light pour ginger ale into it and eventually you will get over alcohol addiction. Or better yet check your self into a rehab

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