Can You Get Over a Cocaine Addiction on Your Own?

Question by Curious: Can you get over a cocaine addiction on your own?
Clearly I don’t know much about addiction. If someone is addicted to the drug cocaine what are the chances that they quit it on their own without going back to it & without going to therapy or rehab?

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Answer by beautybstar
It depends on the person and their outlook at the moment. If one day a person looked at their lives and actually realized the effect that it has taken on themselves, their families, and their lives and found something to believe in and motivation to change then I think that their is a possibility that it could happen. But change would be key to their sobriety lasting from the way that they think, to their surroundings, to their outlook on their lives. Even if they did not talk to anyone else pursay they will have to find an outlet of some sourt and be able to address things that occured that got them to that point and that will bring them from that point. Rather it is through prayer, writing, or something but there are somethings that they will need to release from themselves. Hope this answered your question a bit.

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