Will My Friend End Up With Rehab or More Then Likely Go to Jail?

Question by Kevin Cates: Will my friend end up with rehab or more then likely go to jail?
I have a friend who is on felony probation for 3 years in Illinois with a 10 year back up. She lives in Missouri so she has to report to a probation officer in Missouri. Back in October she violated her probation 6 times in one day. 4 times for being around people who were on probation, one time for being in a bar, & another time for testing positive for marijuana. Well for some reason her probation officer didn’t do a thing. They gave her a new probation officer after this happened. This new probation officer has already put her in prison twice in the past. She has already been in rehab twice in the past 5 years. Well a month ago she knew she was going to piss dirty for drugs. So she admitted she was dirty and the probation officer recommended rehab again. This girl just cant seem to stay out of trouble. She has a long criminal history for drugs & petty crimes. Can they bring her juvenile record into all this? Come friday she has to go in front of the judge. This judge has only been on the bench for one month. She is really coming down hard on people. My friend has a bad record & has already been to rehab. Can the judge override what the probation officer recommends? Whats the odds that my friend ends up in jail for 10 years instead of rehab?

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Answer by chelseiann
Your friend is obviously not worried about her future, as she continues to choose the path of crime, bad influences, etc. It doesn’t sound like Rehab is working, since she has been there twice. Jail time might just wake her up and give her the desire to make better choices for herself. She’s lucky you are her friend, but she is making all these choices by her own free will.

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