Why Do Cops Claim That Drugs, Inanimate Objects, Cause Violence in Mexico?

Question by Kops = scum.: Why do cops claim that drugs, inanimate objects, cause violence in mexico?
When it is the prohibition of the drugs that cause the violence, not the drugs themselves? Marijuana doesn’t make one behead people, kill them etc. Billions of dollars in profit do. Why do cops claim that the drugs are causing the violence when in fact there would be no cartels and no violence if there was no prohibition?
Oh I see lolwtf, you’re just a hero saving people from themselves. Thank you for all you do. I didn’t realize a person was better off with a permanent felony record (never being able to get a job again) than they were with treatment. Also, Portugal legalized all drugs and their use went down. So you’re theory that legalization will lead to more use overall is just that, a baseless theory with no facts to back it up. Did YOU go to school? Congratulations for being directly responsible for crime, poverty, gangs and violence by practicing your profession and perpetuating lies about those suffering from addiction. I’m much more intelligent than you, so don’t try me.

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Answer by Frank
Like I said before, you’re accusations are misplaced. The police are more than aware that the war of drugs is a waste. The blame belongs to politicians and ignorant attempts at “tough on crime” legistlation.

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