Whats the Difference Between a Free Spirit and a Chav?

Question by Blank: Whats the difference between a free spirit and a chav?
free spirit – someone acting freely or even irresponsibly
(Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/free+spirit)

Chav: engage in anti-social behaviour such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency.
(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chav)

Irresponsibly – is drinking and Juvenile Behaviour,

so yeah, whats the difference?

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Answer by horacethecheese
well a free spirit would maybe not be defined as irresposible although their actions may be slated as such a free spirit is someone whos responsibilities are tot hemselves so they might not go to work one day because they want to see and art exhibition or they might fall in love with a greek poet and move to skegness and leave the kids and husband… a chav is a defined thing already as above the behaviour is predictable along certain lines… this is not so with a free spirit who live out side of social norms… chav have theyre own set of social norms to which they conform even if those norms are not the majority… they are a sub group like punks or knackers or hippies these are all predictable social subgroups and a free spirit even if they were a chav would not nessisarily conform to the norms of the group….

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