What Are the Top 10 Meth Supply Cities in the U.S.?

Question by calem: What are the top 10 meth supply cities in the U.S.?

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Methamphetamine addiction is one of the most prevalent drug problems, especially among teens, these days. For the past 10 years, there was a sharp increase in meth statistics, where the number rose from less than 50,000 to as many as 153,000. Around 2.8% of substance abuse admissions are actually treatment for crystal meth, and those who are affected were around 31 years old and below.

MethAmphetamine Tests

MethAmphetamine TestsMethamphetamine drug abuse is well-known in these cities:

Phoenix. For the past five years, methamphetamine addiction continues to increase. The rate of treatment for crystal meth in the city is significantly higher. This only means that majority of the methamphetamine drug abuse are found in the city. There are two kinds of meth that are being sold in the city: some are locally produced, while others are from Mexico.

Los Angeles. For now, meth is not the no.1 problem in Los Angeles, but it’s definitely fast catching up. In 2005, almost 30% of those admitted for substance abuse or alcohol problems were looking for treatment for crystal meth. There was an increase of around 20% since 2000. There are a lot of Mexican drug trafficking organizations in the city, and most of them are selling high-quality meth, which are sought after. They have also set up their own clandestine labs all over the city.

Chicago. There are two main reasons why meth is highly demanded in Chicago. For one, it has become a transshipment point, and there are several organizations that are running drug cartels in the city. Second, small-scale labs can exist all over Chicago.

Denver. Around a decade ago, only a small portion of drug abuse sufferers were being treated for methamphetamine addiction. Now this drug is one of the leading causes of admissions of young adults and teens in rehabilitation facilities. Most of the meth came from Mexico or from the small laboratories that are found within the city.

Orlando. There are a lot of sources for meth in the city. It can come from Mexico, California, or Texas, with drug cartels using the corridor as the transshipment point. The new ones can actually come from Atlanta. The rise of treatment for crystal meth is caused by the potency or very high level of purity in the meth.

Atlanta and Dalton. Though the number of illegal laboratories has waned over the years because of the restriction of selling pseudoephedrine, one of the main components of meth, ice has been seen as a substitute. There are already several kilograms of meth that have been seized during interdiction stops and site raids.

Boise. Meth is fast catching up on alcohol and other drugs when it comes to admissions. Treatment for crystal meth is high compared to marijuana, which is only 23%, and alcohol treatments, which is at 22.5%.

Little Rock and Jonesville. Actually, in almost all cities in Arkansas, meth is their problem. In less than a decade, it has grown exponentially. For example, in 2002, there was an increase of more than 1,000 methamphetamine addiction who seeks for treatment for crystal meth.

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