What Are the Best Top 10 Drug Rehab Centers in the Wold?

Question by Yqp: what are the best top 10 drug rehab centers in the wold?
i am looking for a drug rehab center to check my brother into. it doesnt matter which country or city, i will fly him there. there is no good rehab centers in my country. i have searched online and most of the top ten rehab centers are celebrity centers or very very expensive with luxury treatment(example, top chefs, huge luxury rooms, etc). i am looking for the best treatment with fair price for in house treatment.
i am looking to treat smoking weed and hashish with a history of using cocaine(he over dosed in 2010 and almost died, so he only smokes now)

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Answer by Richard
Top Ten include:

Caron Foundation (3 in the top ten)
Father Martin’s Ashley
Lefscape Solutions http://lifescapesolutions.com/ (handle trauma treatment too)
Betty Ford
Palm Partners
Florida House

Not really sure who the last couple are, but those are the above are the top treatment facilities in the USA. I am also in recovery. Based on the success rate, I would choose one of the first five I named.

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