The AMA Is Thinking of Declaring Vid Game Addiction a Disease-Agree?

Question by Alayne: The AMA is thinking of declaring vid game addiction a disease-Agree?
This question is in light of the case of the news of a Nevada couple who neglected their children…blaming their obsession for vid games the reason they didn’t feed, bathe or cloth their two babies-11 months and 22 months-
Do you agree this is possible..or were they making lame excuses?

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Answer by OmnisArs
This just proves my point that some people are simply not cut out for child-rearing. It’s appalling that any two morons can go humpa-humpa and create a child.

And then the Rabidly Religious support those idiots’ rights to do that, while at the same time denouncing homosexuals like me as a menace to society. Hmmm…

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