Teens With Drug Abuse Problems, Should the Parents Have the Power -?

Question by Brigette: teens with drug abuse problems, should the parents have the power -?
To be able to force intervention if they know it is the best treatment for them in the long run?
Especially because of the harm it causes, like stealing from their parents, acting abusive, becoming very moody and irritated. In Australia the law is when a child is 16 you as a parent have no right to get help for them, they decide over you at 16, its wrong. What i am trying to say is they do not know what is best for them, should the laws not change, so you can enforce the necessary treatment, an addict dos not see what he is doing, the drug is controlling him. Here they say throw them out? What do you think? Is that all you can do.? Really

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Answer by Lear 45 Continued II
Since when is a teen, 16 or older, KNOW what’s in their best interest when they are taking drugs? The drugs will KILL them sooner or later if something isn’t done! Help has to come from somewhere as it won’t come from the drug dealer, right?

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